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The Redego pay calculator gives you the opportunity to see how much more you can earn with us when compared to a normal PAYE employee.

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These values are for 1 week(s) and a tax code of 1150L.

Call 03333 449 460 if you would like a personalised illustration with different details or have any questions.

You can reduce the amount of tax due by claiming legitimate business expenses. The most common expenses for contractors is travel, which is often allowable from home to site. For example, travel by car to a client's site would reduce your taxable income by up to 45p per mile. See our expenses page for full details.

The gross amount paid to an umbrella company is greater than the gross salary under agency PAYE. This is because when paying you directly, your agency is responsible for Employers' National Insurance Contributions and 5.6 weeks statutory holiday pay per annum. By invoicing through our umbrella company, all of this cost could be added to your basic rate.

* Fixed term employment through a recruitment agency or other employer would normally result in holiday pay in addition to the Take Home Pay stated above.