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Agency Workers Regulations come into force this Saturday.

Posted by Ifan | Posted in Agency | Posted on 26-09-2011

The Agency Workers Regulations come into force on 1st October 2011 and mean that temporary workers should have terms no worse than comparable permanent workers with the hirer.

Redego is providing a framework for auditing compliance with the requirements of the regulations either by proving that the worker has similar or better terms than their equivalent permanent colleagues, or by showing that you or the worker is ‘out of scope’ of the regulations.

Where neither of the above options are practical or possible, we can offer workers a ‘Pay between assignments’ contract at no extra cost to them or yourselves.

Redego is also providing online calculators for temporary work agencies to use in determining equivalent pay rates for their workers.

We can also provide your workers with a free consultation to see if they would benefit by operating through their own Limited company via Tempo Accounting. The legislation specifically excludes contractor who are in business on their own account.

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